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Navy with Mint Flowers Strap Protectors


Brand Mucky Duck Crafts

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Baby carriers typically represent a significant investment in a parent's baby transportation budget. Once you have one, it makes sense to look after it - and for that, strap protectors are essential. Strap protectors fit around the shoulder straps, covering and protecting the zone where babies and toddlers suck and chew the straps leaving unsightly dribble marks and eventually damaging your precious carrier. Dribble pads fulfill the same protective function on the top edge of the front panel of a forward-facing carrier.   

Strap protectors are easy to fit and are much quicker & easier to clean than the whole carrier: these are an essential accessory for any soft structured carrier baby wearer.

This pair of strap protectors are navy blue with a delicate mint flower pattern.  

If you can't find the design you want to match your carrier, drop us a line, we'd be happy to make a custom set for you.

The carrier is not included in this listing.