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Custom Order - Shana


Brand Mucky Duck Crafts

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- 1 pram blanket (pink feathers/pink minky)

- 1 pram blanket (aqua dream catchers/aqua minky)

- 3 pairs nursing pads (orange dream catchers)

These reusable breast pads or nursing pads are made from a combination of soft cotton spandex, highly absorbent bamboo and PUL (a breathable, waterproof fabric). Despite the multiple layers, the pads are slim and flexible.

The soft cotton layer sits against your skin, with the PUL facing your bra. The PUL fabric comes in either plain white or black so that no patterns will be seen on the outside of your bra. The waterproof nature of the PUL also means that embarrassing leaks are a thing of the past. 

As with all pads, they should be changed frequently. 

Nursing pads are machine washable on a cool or warm cycle, and may be tumble dried. Do not iron. 

- 2 hybrid bibs (orange dream catchers)