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The quotes and photos below have been provided by Mucky Duck Crafts customers

11th March 2017

"Thanks Mucky Duck Crafts for the dribble bib and headband, they're my favourite! I had to sub out the [generic] white bib when it soaked through after a couple of hours."


09th March 2017

"Bibs are fantastic Hazel - they are like a sham-wow for milk vomits!! Incredible :D" 


25th February 2017

"I had been using a large supplier of baby boxes for a number of years and when I finally received one of the boxes myself I was disappointed in the quality.  I went on the search for a new supplier with the hope of being able to support a local business.  I was lucky enough to be recommended Mucky Duck Crafts and could not be happier with both the product and the service.  Hazel is a joy to deal with and were able to put together a unique, high quality gift that was well within budget.  Would highly recommend Mucky Duck Crafts for your corporate baby gifts and look forward to working with Hazel again." 


03rd January 2017

"Seriously hazel I'm singing your praises this past week Emma is teething so bad and is dribbling so much!! Every other bib that isn't Mucky duck is soaking wet with a hour or two and goes through to her clothes yours last the whole day and even tho it's wet on one side it doesn't soak through!! Amazing!! Everyone needs these bibs!!"



29th October 2016:

"Dear Mucky Duck,
The busy book is an incredible success. My 2 year old has been busy for 40minutes and counting!"


28th October 2016:

"[...] his baby was born last week, Harry, they love the bibs, think he might need to grow into them though!! xxx"


25th October 2016:

"That's it, I'm having everything custom made! I received my fitted bassinet sheets today and they fit so snug. So much better than the ones you buy in store that are always a little too big and bunch up. Plus I got to pick my favourite fabrics. :) All ready for bubs to arrive now!"



19th October 2016:

Thank you Mucky Duck for my daughter's personalised busy book, it's wonderful! I've loved the idea since I saw them online but knew with a toddler at my feet and another one on the way I'd never get around to making one myself. All the ideas you've put in are great.
Also, the busy bag idea was new to me but I love it too. So simple yet so effective. Glad I found someone with the talent to get the job done for me :)

18th October 2016:


How beautiful is this little lady?  this big blue eyed gaze belongs to adorable little Jordyn. Here she's doing a brilliant job of modelling a Mucky Duck bandana. Jordyn's parents have been so impressed with our bibs, not only have they come back for more, but they've been spreading the word to other parents!

Photo thanks to @ashyt


06th June 2016:

"The quality of your bibs and your sewing is fantastic! I would love to order some more please!"

21st March 2016:


Mum says: "Thankyou so much for your products! They are amazing and quality is in incredible! ?? headband and bib size is just the best I have come across! ?"

24th February 2016:

"We received our bundle of goodies!!! Thank you sooooooo very much!! We love absolutely EVERYTHING!!! ?? Your work is perfection ?? Talented! Can't wait to place next order ?!!"


15th February 2016:

My little man and I LOVED this Custom made you made him to match his outfit for his 1 st birthday party. THANK YOU so very much. These are by far the best bibs i have ever had!! No lie :) My son is a huge dribbler and soaks through EVERY dip until i tried your bibs they are so amazing as the front can really be dribbling wet and the backs are still dry. Really Amazing so much so that i don't use any other bibs. That's why I have brought so many ;) Thank you again and i will post a few more photos because he looks so cute :)


7th February 2016:

"I'm seriously impressed how well the bib holds up compared to the other bibs I have I have a big range too (...) yours are the best"

5th December 2015:

"Not just for catching dribble, they also prevent sticky bellies."


25th November 2015:

"I recently purchased a bib from Mucky Ducks & it is fantastic! Will definitely be getting more in the future!
The customer service from Mucky Ducks is also outstanding so will be recommending this lovely small business to all my friends"


15th October 2015:

"Thanks Hazel for the sippy cup strap! Your response and service was fantastic and I love the product. Thanks so much for your help!"


10th October 2015:


 "Miss Tori loves her new bibs- all 6 of them!! Lol.
Our little dribbler wore the same one all day from the time we brought it early this morning until she went to bed (so she wore it for about 11 hours all up) and her clothes, which would normally be saturated from all of her dribble, were still completely dry, not one single damp spot, the bib absorbed it all!
Best bibs in the universe!!! Going to save Mummy and Daddy lots of clothes changed and washing!
Thanks Hazel! Lovely to meet you"

(NB: this customer went on to buy another 13 bibs from us... That's how awesome they are! :) )


16th August 2015:

"Eedy loves the new dribble bib we picked up at the makers market this morning. Look at those colours! Thanks Mucky Duck!"


18th July 2015:

"Love the Mucky Duck range of dribble bibs. Such beautiful designs!"


 28th June 2015:

"Looks good and fits perfectly!"


13th June 2015:

"Dearest Mucky Duck, Thank you for the beautiful bibs in funky colours and fun designs -goodness knows how you have the patience& time to hand make them so beautifully! You made one tiny customer aged under 6 months very happy!"

 11th June 2015:

"My little girl with her sensory cube and Mucky Duck skirt. She has been occupied for ages feeling the beautiful textures, Mucky Duck really get children!!"