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Sometimes you can find the type of product you want, but not the colour or theme that you're looking for... If that's the case, please get in touch, we'd love to try and help! Below are some examples of the custom projects we've already undertaken.




When a brother and sister welcome a new baby sister to the world, what better way to celebrate than by getting a set of matching toys & accessories! For new baby sister, a signature Mucky Duck bib, for the middle sister, a play shopping bag & for big brother a memory game! 


What better way to entertain a 2 year old when a new sibling is born than with a custom quiet book! Apparently this was a hit...



This custom order was for a pair of fitted bassinet sheets. The customer's feedback: "That's it, I'm having everything custom made! I received my fitted bassinet sheets today and they fit so snug. So much better than the ones you buy in store that are always a little too big and bunch up. Plus I got to pick my favourite fabrics. :) All ready for bubs to arrive now!"