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We now make four different styles of bibs to cater for different ages and tastes. Worry not though, they are all made using the same technique and are each brilliantly absorbent. Each style also has 3 snaps or poppers, meaning that as the baby grows, you can adjust the neck size accordingly.

This is what makes the three styles different:

Regular bibs:

These are a pretty standard traditional bib shape. They're large, practical and have a huge capacity for dribble.  

Bandana bibs:

These are more popular with older kids who don't want to be a baby any more, but who aren't quite ready to be bib-free yet. They do bunch up a little under the wearer's neck though, which forms a great seal but which not everyone is happy about. 

Hybrid bibs:

These combine the regular and bandana styles. The front shows the bandana point, but the neckline is similar to the regular style, which means they sit flat on the baby's shoulders and there is minimal bunching under the chin.

Large hybrid bibs:

These are as the hybrid bibs in shape, but as shown in this photo, they are bigger than the baby bibs. The intention is that they are for use with older children who are prone to dribble. We only keep a few in stock at any time, but would be more than happy to make up custom orders for bibs this size to take into account the child's favourite colours, themes, animals etc. (lead in time is approximately 1 week, not including postage time or materials sourcing time)