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Babies can make a mess and cleaning up that mess can cause a lot of waste. Using reusable/washable products can help reduce trash in our landfills and help the environment.

Parents and caregivers use wet wipes to clean up nappies and messes that babies and kids make. They're extremely convenient and often smell quite lovely, but did you know they're a scourge on our environment as most brands of wipes are not only NOT reusable but they don't biodegrade which means they're left in landfills for thousands of years! They can also accidentally end up in waterways, down sewers (causing blockages) and in the ocean hurting marine life.

There are some biodegradable wet wipes now available and while they're better than non-biodegradable, creating any kind of disposable wet wipes still uses considerable amounts of water and manufacturing which all adds to the carbon footprint. 

The MOST eco-friendly option for wiping your baby's bum or for removing your make up is to use washable, reusable wipes. Using your reusable wipes and washing them requires far less water and has a much smaller carbon footprint, not only reducing the waste in the landfill but creates less CO2 for the atmosphere.

Here are some of our reusable wipes. This is our Jade monkeys print available here.

Monkey print reusable wipes


With our reusable wipes, you simply dampen them with water and keep them in a waterproof bag, which you can take with you when you need to. When it comes time to use a wipe simply grab and clean up. Then pop into another bag to take home with you, or pop into your washing pile ready for the machine. This means there's no wipes that end up in a landfill or harming marine life somewhere. 

You and your baby are happy and the planet is happy!

Shop our range of eco-friendly reusable wipes here.

Another tip to help the environment are reusable nipple pads. Mums and mums-to-be, we can confirm, these are amazing! Some of us at Mucky Duck have had babies and can confirm these are so much better than disposable nipple pads. 

Nursing pads are for nursing mums - when breastfeeding new mums, in particular, can find that they leak breast milk and it can get messy and being a new mum is stressful enough without staining all of your clothes with milk. By popping a nipple pad into your bra you can protect your clothes from any leaking.

Mums who opt for nursing pads tend to go for either disposable pads which soak up the milk, like a sanitary towel or nappy and get very heavy and thick or they can opt for an eco-friendly nipple pad

Our reusable breast pads or nursing pads are made from a combination of soft cotton spandex, highly absorbent bamboo and PUL (a breathable, waterproof fabric). Despite the multiple layers, the pads are slim and flexible. These are much softer against your skin than disposable, they don't expand when wet and they're far more pleasant to wear than disposable - we promise you!

You've got to give them a try.

They make an excellent gift for a mum-to-be or they're a great option for yourself if you're already nursing and are shocked by the number of nursing pads you get through. 

Like with disposable wipes, disposable nursing pads have plastic and end up in landfills creating waste that will be around for thousands of years. Eco-friendly nursing pads put an end to that and to be honest, they're just more pleasant to use and have against and intimate area for long periods of time than harsh, non-breathable plastic.

Check out our range of eco-friendly nursing pads here.

Reusable nipple pads 


August 12, 2020 by Mucky Duck