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With a rapidly approaching overseas trip coming up, I figured it was time to finally get my skates on and make the nappy clutch and travel change mats I've been promising to make for Master Ducky for a *very* long time... Here's a sneak preview of the nappy clutch and travel change mats that will be coming in store soon... 

The set features:

  • The clutch is made from 100% cotton duck (very fitting!) which is sturdy and durable. with 100% cotton quilting as trim.
  • The clutch can carry a travel wipe box and either 2 nappies or 1 nappy and some nappy cream (in the production versions, space will be increased to allow space for 2 nappies and nappy cream)
  • A little pocket can take nappy cream and nappy sacks
  • Handy carry handle sewn into the clutch
  • The clutch can be used on its own, with snaps to secure it shut
  • The set comes with 2 change mats: one in use, one in the wash. More mats can be ordered if required.
  • The change mats are made with a backing of cotton duck, an intermediate layer of cotton batting and a layer of 100% thick cotton towelling (600gsm).  
  • The change mats can be used separately or can be snapped onto the clutch. When they're snapped onto the clutch, the mat wraps around the clutch and secures in place with elastic loops.
  • The whole set is fully machine washable. 


March 12, 2016 by Hazel Ampstead